StrikeBoat Radio Control Bait Boat

With 16+ years experience in the leisure goods industry we know the importance of a quality product, competitive pricing & impeccable after sales service.

The StrikeBoat C1 is available in three different configurations:

StrikeBoat C1
The perfect companion for the carp fisherman.

StrikeBoat C1 GPS
Built in GPS module with autopilot, return home and bait spot memory

StrikeBoat C1 Robot
Built in robot module, featuring all of the GPS features as well as a sonar fish finder.

Customer Reviews

Darren W

Excellent bait boat, excellent service. I can not say enough good things about this firm, they answered all queries I had at super top speed. Highly recommend!

Matthew T

Cant believe how good it actually is. Hopefully I will get another few fish tonight. So definitely worth the money spent on today's performance.

David G

GPS app has made using a bait boat so much easier and more accurate. Great after sales support too. Thanks!

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