Ex-Demo StrikeBoat C1 Robot Bait Boat

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StrikeBoat C1 Robot | Radio Control Bait Boat

We have a limited availability for ex-demonstration StrikeBoat C1 Robot Bait Boats.

These boats are in fantastic condition and have only been trialed in the water a handful of times.

Equipped with full StrikeBoat manufacturers warranty.

The StrikeBoat C1 Robot is the flagship bait boat in the StrikeBoat range and features a groundbreaking module called the 'Robot'.

Featuring a both the GPS module and a sonar fish-finder that runs from any iOS or Android device allowing you navigate your StrikeBoat with superior technology.

StrikeBoat Robot Module

Powered by a user friendly application suitable for iOS or Android devices the StrikeBoat Robot module boasts the following features:

• Sonar Fish Finder
• Map view of the lake you are fishing

• Baiting spot memory
• Waypoint navigation
• Return home mode


5KG Hopper Capacity

• Holds a total of 5KG of bait
• 2 separate hopper trays
• Individual unloading of each tray
• Adjust the speed of each tray individually

2.4Ghz Interference-Free 7 Channel Transmitter

The easy-to use and ergonomic design controls the following functions of the bait boat:

• Forward & Reverse
• Left & Right
• Boat Lights On & Off
• Left Bait Hopper
• Right Bait Hopper

Remote Line Dropper

Accurately drop your rig at the press of a button.
The separate line dropper allows your rig to be placed away from your main bait.

UK Warranty & After Sales Support

With over 16 years in the leisure industry we at StrikeBoat pride ourselves on not only a quality product, but also a quality after sales service.

All of our boats are supported by our 12 month manufacturers warranty.

StrikeBoat C1 Robot Bait Boat Feature List:

• Built In Sonar Fish Finder
• Built In GPS Module
• Auto Pilot
• Baiting Spot Memory
• Map View of the Lake
• Return Home Mode
5kg Hopper Capacity
• Individual Hopper Release
 Hopper Release Speed Control
• Remote Line Dropper
• 7 Channel 2.4Ghz Transmitter
• Transmitter Pre-Setup & Ready To Use
• Batteries & Charger Included
• FREE UK Shipping
• Upgrade Ready for StrikeBoat GPS or Fishing robot